Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just Another Day At Work

Today at work I happened to be sitting at my desk and a woman comes in to ask if by chance I had seen anyone wandering around on the floor.. (For those of you who don't know I am working at a NonProfit that is based out of Mt.Sinai Hospital. Basically there are only labs and conference rooms on my floor no patients.. So I respond no I haven't seen anyone.. My boss comes over and asks her why did she ask. She proceeded to tell her that 2 African American people were in the conference room at the time she was in there and that she left her bag on a chair and one of them stole it.. She said something told her to take her bag with her when she saw them.. From the way she described the 2 women there was not anything that stuck out about them physically that made them sound like they may have been homeless, or lost, or thieves so I am wondering her what led her to this conclusion and what was going through her mind when she asked me had I seen them.....Some Things will never change.........

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