Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bold Brown Chick with a Sword....for now a Sabre

Well I have finally did it... I have finally started taking fencing Classes and I LOVE IT!!! It is a lot harder than I expected and very technical and challenging. My 1st lesson was such a rush. My coach who's name is Boris said that I am a very fast learner and I did pretty well.. That was after he let me jab at him for 20 minutes with a Sabre... I got in some good ones.. For now I will be taking classes on Tuesday evenings and Sundays. I have also added Yoga to my regimen, as well as a Body Movement Class. Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit. For those of you who ask Why Fencing?
This sport has always intrigued me because you never know who is in the uniform until they take off the helmet. There is also so much footwork and agility and reflex involved in this sport it can be a great way to release tension and aggression. And size does not matter!!!

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