Monday, November 19, 2007

Finally!! I love Denzel

So we all decided to meet at the theater for the 9.30 show and for once the NYC Transit system was working in my favor and I made it on time, I actually made it super early. All of my friends arrived on time as well. We got seats and I sat down and was ready to partake in all Denzel had to offer and as luck would have it nature called. Well I took my ticket stub and ran 1 flight up the escalator to the bathroom on the way down I ran pass a rather large obtuse woman who I almost knocked her Nachos out of her hand.. So glad that didnt happen. I made it back to my seat in time. As the movie started I let out a yelp of excitement. Overall I think the movie was tastefully done and Denzel portrayed a character that regardless of the life he led you just could not hate him.... I loved the movie and will most likely see it again! Thanks to all of those who made it possible~

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