Friday, November 16, 2007


For those of you who know me you know that music is my Love and Passion... I am so glad that growing up I listened to a variety of music from Wham, The Cranberries,
TLC, Kriss Kross.. The genres I have knowledge on are endless and still growing... I have come to appreciate the art of Lyricism which seems to be non existent in a lot of Today's Music. Gone are the days when a Love Song was actually about Love and bad not one sexual reference and if it did you didnt have to bleep the words out... No more does a Rap Song tell a story it tells you how to be ignorant and get money and have a nice car and shoot someone in the process if you have to, to get all of the above.. So I find my self collecting and searching for all the old stuff..So when you get a chance think about some music you listened to growing up or your parents listened to, or maybe something you never even heard of and buy it, or download and just listen......

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