Monday, December 3, 2007

Low Profile

I kept a low profile this weekend. This cold has been kicking my ass and I have just wanted to sleep. I didn't do too much. Friday hung out with a special someone and had a nice dinner and convo. Saturday me and Jalan went shopping at Kmart and I bought a Monopoly Board Game the Here and Now version which starts each player out with $15 million dollars. The pieces aslo range from a Starbucks cup, laptop, cell phone and some other craziness.. God Bless Captialism!! I also went looking for a tree for work and the prices are insane $200 for a flipping tree..Sunday I just stayed in and read the paper and caught a couple of shows on TV.. For the recod I had no idea how Hilarious and Insulting Family Guy and Ameican Dad were... All and all it was a good weekend...

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