Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Oprah Debate

I have noticed that strangely in the Black community there are a lot of women who can't stand Oprah. I mean they are downright O-Haters. A few of them I am friends with, I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to have any opinion as long as they can argue and defend it.. So one of the universal comments that I hear is that "Oprah caters to White People" hmm lets see she has thrown her support behind Barack Obama whom last I checked is Black.. She opened a school for girls in South Africa and I am pretty sure that there a plenty of Black People in Africa. I think the animosity is because Oprah doesn't come knocking on our doors and hands us a brand new car, or 10 million dollars. Me pesonally I love Oprah, I think that she is a great woman who looks out for her own in more ways that one. How many of us can say that we take pride in the motherland? the Place where we originated? what have we given back there? She can say it. She can put her money where her mouth is.. So when people say that she is for white people bullshit, I think the audience of her show is predominantly White, Hell most of guests may be white.. but her Green is definitely for Brown! If you think about if the money that she makes is from white people because those are the one who support her, and account for god knows how much of the money on this planet and she is taking it and investing it in the forgotten parts of Africa, and using it to support the 1st Black Presidential Candidate what is wrong with that?

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