Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Mood I am in Today....

After a phone conversation last night with one of my close friends we were discussing the place we are at in our lives and the possible reasons as to why we are not married or more importantly in relationships. One of the main commonalities we shared was trust. That is something that is huge for me. I need to be able to know that my partner has my back at all times, if something goes down and I lose my job he can and will support our family, I need to be able to trust him to give my heart to him, I need someone who knows how to put me in my place and in the end I respect and love him more for doing so. What I have realized is that over the years I have always found what I require in more than 1 person never just in 1 which makes me wonder and I am searching for someone that does not exist? After a breakup I had 2years ago, a man was placed in my life. I say placed because he had a purpose and I truly believe he was sent to me in a time of need. It was not the need of a man that was being met it was the need of finding myself and showing me my mistakes. This person showed me and continues to teach me the lesson that I do not need to give up anything of myself especially physically to be treated with respect and decency. I don't have to settle for 2nd place when I am more than worthy of being First.. I can be and should be treated like a woman, respected as a mother and human being.Upon my initial meeting of this person I thought our purpose together was to be a couple but after understanding his purpose in my life he was sent to show me the standard as to which I should aspire in choosing a mate. This person is very special to me and I Thank him for being my friend.

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