Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Weekend....

I was treated to a belated dinner by one of my friends. Me and him went to Spice and had some Thai food, which I washed down with a Pinky Mimosa. After we walked around the city and had a great conversation and laughs! He is such a cool person and I always have fun with him. Afterwards I went to see some old friends from the now defunct Empire Dance. I ended the evening dancing at Canal Room for the weekly Freedom Party I had a blast. Saturday I spent with my girlfriends for our Monthly Girls Night which was also a Bday party so there was a lot to celebrate. As always it was a night to Remember. Sunday I spent with Jalan and my friend "O" and his daughter.. We took the kids to see a Japanese Film called Summer Days with Coo. It was part of the International Childrens Film Festival and yesterday was the last day. It was great! We had dinner after and walked around and checked out a few stores.. Back at work today and what a week lies ahead. I have to get the apartment in shape for the housewarming this Saturday...... No sleep in my future!

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