Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Did I Get Married???

I saw this movie last night.. I must apologize to Tyler Perry for not supporting this film when it was in theaters. All of my friends had seen it and could not believe I hadn't. I decided to watch it last night before bed and I am so Glad that I did! This movie was great! So many times in a movie we follow a couple to the altar or through their ups and downs and eventual breakup and reunion. This movie gave us a glimpse of 4 different couples with different issues in their marriage and how to know whats worth working through and when its time to realize you need to move on. So many times I say that there are different women living inside me and this movie proved just that. I related with each and every female character in the movie.. I have been the "20", I have been the one who wants to control everything and put the man down, I have been the one who doesn't want anything to come in between her freedom or success and will fight or conquer anyone who tries to take it away, I have been verbally and emotionally abused and made to feel like no one would be worthy of having me, I have also been the one to try and pretend like everything is OK on the surface and help everyone else get through their issues and problems when i am too afraid to deal with my own.. Through all of it I have become a stronger and better person for it. I am someone who knows now what she needs over what she wants... I choose carefully who I give my time to and let get close to me. I have learned that trust needs to be earned... all of these lessons I have learned through relationships and I am so glad I saw this movie because through it all it has made me realize that I am worthy of someone who is worthy of me. I don't have to settle, I can have exactly what I want as long as I am willing to do the work to get it and so is he.... Maybe one day the title of this blog will really apply to me and I can answer truthfully, honestly, happily and proudly... Until then

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