Friday, May 2, 2008

Last Weekend.....

So last weekend was the Potluck at my house and I had so much FUN!! Me and my friends spent the night enjoying good food and even better drinks! We went to a party afterwards in Tribeca thrown by another friend and had a blast, I danced myself out of my shoes.. literally... Sunday I went to see a play and then treated myself to a late lunch where I could hardly eat because I was to busy staring at one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen in my life. Me being the open and usually aggressive person that I normally am was to scared to even approach him... that's a first... I missed my chance. O well... He was FINE!!!! If ever given another opportunity I will definitely say something even if its just hello! Later that evening me and my friends scored tickets to Tribeca Film Festival which was a first for me. Unfortunately 10 seconds into the film we were all fast asleep. It was quite entertaining after the movie when we were trying to piece together what the film was actually about.... I don't care anyone says I know there was a damn dog in that movie!!!

Nova Paz

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