Friday, April 24, 2009

Octomom Needy or Greedy?

I think a little of both. I am a single mother and learned after 1 child how hard it is to do it alone. Never would I put myself in a situation to choose to give birth to that many children knowing I can't afford them or support them. I think she is needy for love and attention I don't know maybe it stems from her own childhood but something is off. As I get dressed this morning in my 625 square foot apartment that I pay close to $1200 a month to live in that I share with my 13 year old son, to go to work and figure out what I am going to do on a consistent basis as to supporting us never has the thought crossed my mind to sacrifice or exploit my child. To see this woman on television with a brand new spacious home and 10 nannies to help her around the clock, to hear her talk about how she wants to "secure" opportunities that will be beneficial to her and her children, and write a book, I must say made me sick to my stomach. I yelled at the TV. I would have slapped the television if I thought she could feel it. How dare you? If you have more money that the law allows and you can support financially this amount of children then more power to you. She doesn't! Yet people are giving her publicity, catering to her, giving her a damn reality show! What the hell is wrong with people? You have moms out there that work hard, and are great and you have no idea because they haven't put themselves in a situation where they are starving for attention and money hungry. I think this woman has a deep rooted mental illness and society and the media are just feeding into the insanity.....

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