Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rapper 50 Cent In Union Square April 30

If you are a video game head then you should definitely check out Play N Trade. Its a video game store off of Union Square on 13th street. They store is well stocked,comfortable and friendly. Staff is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they leave you alone! Which is a plus although im not into games too much my son is and I like the fact that in this store he can try out games,ask questions,trade stuff in,browse and be left alone. When its time to pay there is no upselling which is another plus! So many times we go to Game Stores and its the opposite..I will be writing a full feature on the store soon with pictures. This week Rapper 50 Cent will be there to play and sign his new game Blood on the Sand from 3pm-6pm this Thursday. If you need more info call the store and tell them Taneesha sent you 212 674 0200!


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