Thursday, May 7, 2009

Genuine Chick

There is an expression, you never see yourself as others see you..It is so true today I am wearing some Camouflage Cargo Pants not even cute tight girlie ones. They are like Official Cargos and a little black and white shirt. I have never been one to spend more than 10 minutes on an outfit.Basically I got in late last night and I put on the first thing I could find...So all day I have been walking around like I am so Not looking Hot today and very rarely is Hotness the goal. What I have noticed is that hotness comes from within. Last night and tonight I have been at 2 events where I have felt Under dressed not because of lack of clothing but because of choice. My ultimate goal is always comfort and something I can dance in or bend over and pick up my keys in ,just in case they drop. I must say I must be one cool chick, because the men are digging it.. LOL.. Now maybe if I can just make it without spilling something on myself I will be good. Yesterday I was good in Starbucks and made it out safely without fumble.. However at the birthday party I did spill soy sauce all over my jeans.. Tonight if that happens no big deal.. I'm in Camos!

The Empress

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