Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men's Restrooms vs The Ladies Room

For years there have been many misconceptions and perceptions that have circulated through our culture like boys should wear blue and play with trucks and girls should wear pink and play with dolls. Boys have short hair and girls have long hair etc. You get the picture. For some reason people have an idea that women are dainty, and obsessively clean. Anyone who believes this obviously has not paid attention to the public restrooms and the difference between them. Being the person I am sometimes when I gotta go I gotta go and I have been known to use the men's room from time to time and I am amazed at the difference. Now of course there are many factors to this, women may use the restroom more, we have more "stuff" to do in there and down there than men do,.. I don't know the reasons could be endless. All I am saying is that there are just some nasty ass chicks out there. I am also a slight germaphobe so I have my moments were I have layered so much toilet paper that I have run out the bathroom fearing a lawsuit just in case it overflows. In my bag I always carry wipes, extra "monthly"stuff and a mini can of Lysol..For me going to use a public restroom was not always something I was comfortable with, it took years of conditioning and mental preparation. Up until 5 years ago I avoided using it if anyone else was in there. Mainly because I don't want to hear them and I don't want them to hear me. To this day I still do my business while flushing at the same time I have to admit the automatic toilets have made this a challenge but its all in the timing! I have it down to a science. Hey we all have something, and this is mine. Regardless it just always amazes me how clean the men's rooms are and there is always soap and toilet paper, and do I even need to get into the lack of a line? So guys how do you do it?

The Empress

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