Monday, August 17, 2009

Finding My Passion

So I have been in a mood for the last few days because I have really been having a tough time financially which has affected me mentally. Priding myself on being the type of person to always see the bright side, the last few days were pretty murky. Although I am not out of the hole yet, part of my frustration is that although I enjoy the work that I do I am in essence working for someone else. Ever since I was a little girl the range of professions I wanted to have were very wide and diverse. My two top choices were an Oceanographer and an International Business Lawyer. Although I don't see myself in those professions the commonalities are still there in what I seek to this day and that is freedom to travel, explore, negotiate, and meet people. I can recall the days of when my friends were imagining their fake weddings to a boy they liked, I was contemplating how I would take over the world and have a big office with employees, a dog who came to work with me every day and the look on potential clients faces when they would walk into my office and I would stand up from behind my huge mahogany desk dressed in a crisp white dress shirt, designer jeans and heels and be able to talk shop just like the Big Boys. A part of me has put this side of myself on hold because starting a business and finding your passion is a job in itself. I am also a mother so I can't just pick up and be the Gypsy I still dream of being calling the World my home and living where ever I choose. My son is almost 14 which means in a few years he will be off to College creating a life for himself and I don't want to still be trying to figure out mine. I am getting back into the creative flow of things and encompassing myself with like minded people. It may sound strange but there are 2 words I always dreaded hearing with my name in the same sentence and that's Predictable and Employee. Maybe its because I am an only child, I spent a lot of time alone so my imagination was my friend. As an adult I still feel like I am so far out of the box than most people, and I have great ideas all the time. I know that I love to help people, I am very social, I love to talk, and travel there is also a side of me that is very playful, flirty and fun. I like to have a good time. I have been trying to figure out how Ican combine all of these skills and create an opportunity for myself. It has been very very hard! I am not going to give up on it,as of this moment I am in pursuit to discovering my Passion!

The Empress

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