Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You Public Television . . . . .

It sucks that you can't turn on the TV for your child and not see either some ridiculous reality show or a cartoon that would make any adult blush. I have not had cable in my home in over 8 years nor did I buy into the hype of buying the digital converter boxes. The government issued coupons are somewhere collecting dust in my apartment. What's bad is that I used to love watching TV growing up. What I have realized the adult role models that I connected with as a kid in TV land are far and gone, but they are coming back slowly. For example Julia Child. I used to love watching cooking shows growing up and between her, The Frugal Gourmet, Yan Can Cook and Jacques Pepin you would think I would be a Chef by now. Not only were these shows educational but they were fun to watch. Mr Rogers neighborhood and The Joy of Painting were 2 more shows that had a huge impact on me. There were a calming and soothing tone that these shows created, a safe serene place where people were kind and friendly to one another;something that has disappeared from the messages emoted from the screen nowadays. the more we can physically humiliate each other the better! As a parent of a teenage boy what he watches and connects with is very important to me and although these shows are long gone, I have memories, DVD's and books to educate him and tell him about the good old days! I say it all the time, this generation right now scares me. They are consumed by images of a fast, technologically charged life. Long gone are the days of learning the Dewey Decimal System to find a book at the library now you can just google it, or download the book. Encyclopedia? Whats that? Taking the time to talk to a friend in person instead of IM'ng or texting them when they are 20 feet away from each other. With the disappearance of these things and images we are creating a society of human beings that will be socially and grammatically inept not to mention impatient.

The Empress

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