Sunday, September 2, 2007

Disney Vacation

So I spent the last week and half in Florida. I took my son to Disney World. I must say this trip taught me alot about myself, my son and the relationship and bond that we share. Being that this was his first time traveling a long distance and his first time ever on a plane I was a little skeptical. He had no complaints other than he doesnt like the way his ears feel when the plane lands.We visited Magic Kingdom. MGM Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Quest, and Epcot. I can honestly say this place is truly magical. Epcot and Magic Kingdom were my favorites. I felt like a kid again... It is an experience that I am sure he will never forget and I am so glad I was able to create and share such a memory for him. We did everything from rides, attractions, shows, a parade,wave pool, slides. etc. There was never a free moment.We enjoyed ourselves and I am glad that Jalan is already looking forward to taking his next flight. I will be posting pics soon so stay tuned.....Blessings

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