Sunday, September 2, 2007

An Extension of my Future Self

So Sundays for me and Jalan are Potluck Sundays at my best friend's house..... Today started out as any other but Jalan was very talkative this morning, we had a variety of dicussions from his favorite Yakees Player, Wrestler and What stories he read this year in the Newspaper that have made him the saddest.
When he was a baby (which I can remember like it was yesterday) I used to pray that he would never grow up! I wanted him to stay my baby forever! As he approaching becoming a teenager in a mere 2 years I have noticed that he is growng to be quite a well rounded young man! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would be able to have some of my most memorable, funny, enlightening, humble and touching moments with my child.!
For example this morning while getting dressed he wanted to wear his favorite shirt, a shirt that he wears all the time! I said to him J why don't you wear one of your new shirts? He looked at me and said I love this shirt, its my favorite because it has stripes. I said Ok fine you can wear it, he goes over to his clothes and sees that one of his new shirts has stripes and now that is his new Favorite shirt! The fact that he is able to communicate with me means so much and I hope that never changes, he is truly more than my son he is my friend!

Love your Children because You need them more than you Know!

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