Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's All About ME!

Growing up I was never the gorgeous girl, or the girl with the great hair, or the nice body...I was skinny, with bad hair and glasses and never the right clothes.. Somehow I survived years of teasing and being made fun of and always had a great personality.. I always tried to be everyone's friend no matter who they were or what they looked like...This is something that has definitely stuck with me throughout my life my friends are various shapes, colors, sizes, orientations etc and I love them all equally...
Also through the years of tormenting I somehow grew a tougher skin when it came to the way I viewed myself and the beauty that is within me has definitely made its way to the outside... I may not be big or have huge breasts or a ginormous ass but I am content with my little body and I love it... My hair people used to think I was crazy to shave it all off, but now they can't picture me any other way... I know I am beautiful, cute, sexy and attractive... These are all the things I tell myself and more. When someone else tells me this as far as I am concerned they are just validating what I already know....
Am I conceited? No because I don't look down on anyone for not looking a certain way or measuring up to my standard. I consider myself to me confident and with a good self esteem..

Love yourself first everyone else comes next!

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