Sunday, September 2, 2007

Love a Universal Language?????

Love is a topic that varies from person to person no 2 people have the same views on Love and Relationships.. Depending on your culture and how you were raised will determine your views. In some countries it is a symbol of status and wealth for a man to have more than 1 wife. Is that something I could do? Well probably not because this is not a part of my culture, this is something that is foreign to me. I can't say if its right or wrong because if I was raised this way then I probably would not have an issue with it, but as an outsider I may just think its not for me. There are still countries that practice arranged marriages, or paying for brides again not my culture. I have to admit that I am intrigued by it because to look at some of these situations we would consider out of the norm or taboo when really the same could be said for some of the practices and values we have in this country.......

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