Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sometimes I ask myself just how strong am I?
I have seen a lot of things in my day both good and bad... I have alot of things happen to me both good and bad! For some reason when the bad things happen I never let them keep me down for long. I go through it pick myself up and keep on going.
I have friends that say to me all the time " I don't know how you do it girl" to be honest I don't either. I just don't know any other way and I hate losing! So maybe thats what helps I look at everything as a challenge and I am always up for a good challenge because I can hold my own...
Sometimes my competitive edge can get the best of me especially in relationships, sometimes guys really don't like a woman to compete with them and I have learned that the hard way!

O well you live and you learn, I don't think I will ever stop fighting for what I want and believe in! After all anything worth having is worth the fight!
Keep On.....

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