Sunday, September 2, 2007

This Should not be This Difficult

For the last few months I have been putting myself out there to date and I must say it is very frustrating and tiring. Everyone seems to have their own set of rules.. Which I think are really dumb! I guess my rule is I think other people's rules are dumb!
If you really like someone and you want to hang out with them again what is wrong with calling the next day to say so? Why do you have to wait a certain amount of days? Or wait until they call you why can't you call them?I guess I tend to think of relationships with a childlike mind..
Gone are the days when the boy who used to make your life a living hell in school was the one who really had the crush on you...
I can respect kids in that aspect because they are very honest more than adults could ever be, and I have seen that sometimes people can take my honesty for everything but that....
I can say so far the people I have met, have been good people just not what I am looking for, I can't settle just because I want to have someone there. I want to get to know someone on all levels Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Sensually.
What I am finding is that people are looking more for is an instant gratification type of thing and I am just not attracted to that..
I am having fun looking and I have realized that I am very Picky! There is one person that I am geting know better and I hope it leads to something but only time will tell I can't rush it.
This has truly been a test of my will and character and I am very proud of myself and I think that by giving myself choices and having standards that people should measure up to, I have a better chance of meeting someone that I can truly be happy with....
If not I guess I will be single forever and I am cool with that too!

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