Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You Want Me To Do What?????

Why do men make such s big deal about holding/carrying your purse if you ask them to? I have been in countless situations where I have asked a guy to hold my bag while I tie my shoe, go to the restroom, or maybe run in to use an ATM. Either I get the "You have to be kidding Imma A Man Dammit!!", or like I just gave them a bag containing the plague or they will just flat out say no. Why is that? If you are a man walking down the street with a woman do you honestly think people will think you planned to wear Timberlands with a pink purse? Or that your gay? The handbag is an uber accessory and it takes time and skill to pick the right one and frankly men just don't have that skill. So 9 times outta 10 people would know that its not the guy's. I was out once with a gentlemen and he offered to hold my bag. He actually ended up carrying my bag through most of our date and never complained once. Not once did I question his manhood,or did he secretly have a handbag carrying fetish. Instead I thought Damn! finally someone who understands and is thoughtful and considerate. Sometimes our bags are just plain ole' heavy and we can use some strong shoulders once in a while to help us out. Sometimes the smaller actions or lack thereof in a person can be a peek into the bigger picture. Next time you are out with someone watch how he/she treats homeless people, waitstaff, taxi drivers etc; and before you picture yourself in the wedding gown, and the white picket fence ask him to hold your purse. After all we only carry babies in our bodies for 9 months. What the hell is the big deal about carrying a bag?

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