Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why do they have to grow up?

I try to make sure that I create a positive impression around my son and his peers. Being that yesterday was the first day of school that was my initial thought waking up. I consider myself to be a cool well rounded mom, definitely not your average mom. However this was the first day of 7th grade and all in all it got off to a great start. Since he has been on this planet and able to walk I always hold his hand while crossing the treet. This morning I noticed as we approached the corner of his
school that he wiggled his hand from me. A signal that says to me "Lady im too big for that now. Also he usually kisses me goodbye this morning nada.It was a quick bye mom and he was off to start his new life as a 7th grader...Time flies..I know that kids have to grow up what saddens me is how fast that happens. I wish I could freeze time and keep him a kid forever
but that would be selfish. Instead I relish in the fact that I get to watch him grow up, and have his own dreams and make his own choices...I treasure and appreciate being his mom and I am so glad he chose me..

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