Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Friend of a Friend... Please Vote

A good friend of mine (since high school) and one of our own has been
nominated as one of the "2007 Women of Worth by L'Oreal Paris."
Shamika Lee, UPENN and HBS, has the opportunity to earn the award that
honors women who exhibit an enormous amount of devotion to their
communities through volunteer work. The number one honoree's charity
of choice will receive a $25,000 donation from L'Oreal.

Please visit the link below and vote for Shamika Lee! She is a
generous, overwhelmingly passionate person who has been dedicated to
making the lives of foster children better through her work with
Graham Windham in NYC. I have personally worked with Shamika on
Graham Windham projects and know that her participation is neither a
passing whim or resume fodder. I have had the pleasure to host a
number of Harlem Brunch's with her as well.

If Shamika wins, the kids at Graham Windham will have gained a
tremendous monetary resource from one of their greatest human

You can read Shamika's bio and vote at the link below. Please forward
this to your friends!

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