Monday, September 24, 2007

What A Week Times 2!!!

Well my life has never been boring and predictable. If anything the word boring and my name in the same sentence scares me more than a clown! I have always been the type of person to expect the unexpected and just roll with the punches. Well the last couple of weeks I have been getting my ass kicked!! It started off with an unexpected promotion and having to leave my job of 3 years at a Dance Studio in Chelsea. On my last night at work I was surprised with a cake and lots of happiness and sadness... The evening didn't end until 6am! I spent quality time with my friends and shared stories and laughs. I have been taking the scenic route of the Bronx to find a new Apartment. Who the hell knew the Bronx was so damn big?? I made it through my first week at work as a Site Director for a Boys and Girls Club thats based in a homeless shelter. Being in this position at one point in my life to be on the other side is truly rewarding and inspiring. I spent this past weekend with friends and my son it got off to a grim start when Saturday I was robbed for my cell phone in Broad Daylight by 2 specimens of flesh I could have birthed. I will pray for them. I had to calm down after I chased them 4 blocks I had to stop and think about the many variables and horrible outcomes that could have occured other than me having to file a report and make an insurance claim.. Today wasnt too bad... Hopefully my new phone will be on the way soon..Now to make dinner and relax and just let all this shit marinate.....

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