Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stop Selling Yourself Short

When I wake up in the morning I usually feel a certain way whether its tired, rested, happy, anxious etc... Never do I feel annoyed and angry waking up.. today I felt that way... There are a lot of things that are beyond my control that affect my daily routine and way of life. Today those things just got the best of me. As I walk outside today thinking about life, people, the world, being black... I am dissappointed... I see our kids not in school.. Daughters who are way too young to be mothers or dropouts following behind some dude when they should be in school. Grown ass women talking about their man this, their man that.. Ask where is that man they are praising??? The Response is usally Locked Up, Just came home from being locked up, looking for a job, or my favorite Upstairs... So I ask the question what the hell is wrong with us???? Why do we as women accept men who can not show us the love we are worth and deserve? Instead we settle for half of a man instead of being alone. I am single by choice, never been married and over 30. I have gone through my share of dead end relationships and I have learned that if you allow someone to do something to you they are gonna do it.. If you continue to sleep with every man who shows you the slightest bit of attention whether its negative or positive why shoud he marry you? If you continue to pay his bills and bail him out and do everything for him except wipe his ass why should he get a job and support you for a change? Wake up he's not going to.... Women have fought for equal rights for years to take it and basically use it to a disadvantage... Of course I can't speak for all men and all women I can only go from personal experience, and what I see and hear from associates on a daily basis and it just annoys me..... and since this is not my reality or the life I want to set for myself this is my way to express it.. Believe I do not think men are bad or hate men.. I just think that there are a lot of good men out there and some women choose to settle for the no-good ones because they are readily available and require little brain activity or effort....

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