Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well this year I have to admit was one of the best Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Weekends I have ever had.. On Turkey Day itself I got to sleep in late and me and Jalan headed to my aunts house for dinner with my Mom, Grandmother, and Cousins. I am thrilled to report no arguments or bloodshed! Friday we spent the day at Vanessa's House (my best friend) gorging ourselves on her leftovers! Jalan and Justin had a great time playing video games and using their 5 puppies as props. Friday night I went to Empire Dance with some friends for the last Official Social. It was a great time, I am so sorry to see this place go but life goes on and things happen for a reason. During the party I was able to take some pictures but they were so dark...Afterwards we headed down to the village to have a couple of drinks and talk.. man was it cold... On the way down on the subway there was so many events, even on the way home. Me and one of my friends had the pleasure of riding the train with 2 strippers who had just finished working...Of all days why did my headphones not work???? We also encountered a man who was sleeping in the subway and told us to shut the F up because he was trying to get some rest..... Saturday me and Jalan spent the day with a friend and his daughter at a Japanese style gathering with just friends and family. It was great.. Food, Coversation, Laughs and above all else LIVE music. The friend is a musician and there were other musicians in the house and out of nowhere they just set up shop in the living room and started playing.. I had the duty of playing the Tambourine for a couple of songs.. I was a lot better than I thought I would be...Sunday I spent the day looking at a new place to live and am considering renting a house in the Bronx.. Yes the Bronx..Afterwards me and my friend Malla had dinner and a much needed conversation about Family, Life and Reality.. Afterwards I headed uptown and me and Jalan watched something on TV. I can't remember because I was so sleepy... Here are some pics from this Holiday weekend..

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