Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Boldness of Bums

It never seems to amaze me how Bold Bums have become.. I mean there used to be a time when someone asked you for money and you said "No" that was a final answer. Now a days that does not suffice. Today I witnessed what in appearance was a man in his mid 30's smoking a cigarette, dressed fairly decent, and clean shaven. He approached a woman on the street with 3 kids and asked her for 50 cents. She responded she had no change. He in turn asked her could he have a dollar?? I'm looking like Whoa! He has to be kidding, he proceeded to stand there as if almost to intimidate her to look in her purse. To me everyone deserves a fair shot and granted there are people out there who have fallen on hard times and do need help.

Then there are just BUMS!!!

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