Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's the Rush???

Anything that is worth having I believe takes work. It also takes time and care and for once in my life I am exploring this method with relationships. No more am I looking for a quick fix, or a band-aid in the form of my male counterpart. I am looking for someone who wants to do the work, who wants to wait, who wants to learn. Talking to an older colleague of mine about relationships she informed me that her and her husband were married for 50 years. She waited 3 years before she even agreed to marry him because she wanted to make sure he was willing do to the work. She also gave me some valuable advice. Strong communication is key without it you have nothing she also said that she never questioned his method of parenting in front of the children. If she had an issue with it she would address him in privtae and they always agreed to never go to bed angry.. There were some other things she said that had a valuable impact on me and I will keep those thoughts for me. So often I hear about negative marriages or relationships. For once it was refreshing to hear the opposite.

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