Monday, December 3, 2007

Multi Cultural Relationships

In an unprovoked conversation with my friend's husband we started talking about people of 2 completely different backgrounds having a successful relationship. Me being the world lover that I am, I think all things are possible and think that as long as you have love, honesty and communication you can survive. He begged to differ. He said that it would be hard for the it to work because of the differences in culture. He also went so far as to say that Culture is what brings 2 people together in the first place. Which makes me wonder if that is the case then why do people date outside of their race to begin with?

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Necia said...

People date outside of their race due to curiosity, which I feel there is nothing wrong with. However, I'm likely to agree with your friend. It will take a special pair to conquer cultural differences for a relationship to survive. And, that includes the backlash from the family and any religious affiliations. If serious enough, it really might turn out to be, just those 2 in a relationship.