Wednesday, December 5, 2007

There is Truly a Market for Anything....

Ok so during my morning ritual it involves dropping J at school, grabbing some cuban coffee and breakfast and then reading the newspaper. On the rare occasion I watch morning TV I happened to catch the Maury Show on Monday Morning..Why people?? Why?? Ok so the first episode was of course infamous DNA tests..This has become a grwoing trend amongst talk shows, court shows, pretty much any show.. Gone are the days when you knew who you slept with and knew the father of your child that such a thing is even necessary. The next episode was about controlling men. There was one guest whose husband had apparently put her over his knee on numerous occasions and spanked her like a child, he has smacked her over 1000 times, locked her in a closet, picks out her clothes, she is not allowed to have friends or talk to her family. He and most of the other men on the show felt once their wives decided to marry them, that they signed their lives over to them and they became their property. One couple the father has gone so far as to teach their 2 year old son to spit on the mother. Now my 1st question is why the hell was I watching this? Thats easy I don't have cable. My second question is WHY THE HELL ARE THESE WOMEN ON A TALK SHOW AND NOT AT A POLICE STATION????

If you go to the Maury Site you can entertain yourself with some of their souvenirs

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KreativeMix said...

i'm always perturbed that these women come on shows to talk about abuse but have never filed a police report........sometimes i think they go on maury just for the entertainment. if he does one more dna test show, i'm going to take a dna test just to confirm i am indeed myself :-) LOL