Monday, December 10, 2007

This Weekend

This weekend was great! Saturday I took the children I work with to see the Lion King on Broadway. This show was abosultely breathtaking and amazing. The colors, artwork and set design was beautiful. I encourage everyone to see it whether you have kids or not. It is a great show! Also it is the only show on broadway that donates a portion of its ticket sales to South Africa to help fight the AIDS Crisis. I had my doubts about taking 20 kids to Times Square on a Saturday mid-day 2 weeks before Xmas via Subway but it was well worth it. Afterwards I had dinner with one of my close friends discovered a Great New Thai Spot called Tara Thai...After dinner headed home and crashed. Jalan was already asleep he went on the trip as well. It was his 2nd time seeing the show and he enjoyed it again! Sunday we went to see A special friend's daughter in a show for the Holiday Fair at her school it was great. We had a nice dinner after and headed home to relax.. All in all as saturated in children as it was my week and weekend were very enjoyable...

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