Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Respect........

Last night after work I stopped by KFC to grab some mashed potatoes and a mac and cheese.. As I walked in the line was long and trying to combat my patience level I decided to wait... There is a guy standing at the counter and he looks frustrated. The clerk behind the counter calls out a number and the Frustrated looking guy starts yelling. He says that he has been waiting and his number has been skipped over. He starts yelling at the workers behind the counter and they pretty much pay him no mind. One woman who I am assuming was the manager fails at an attempt to calm him down. By this point he is asking for his money back. She says you have to wait. he responds did I wait to F%^$%N Pay you B#@!H?? She gives him a look like " NO You didn't" So she takes longer in her attempt to resolve his complaint. He then starts to yell "When I start tearing this place up then you gonna want to call the cops". She ignores him... There is a small hole cut out through the plexiglass so you can pay..... As I am walking off the line because I sense something is about to happen I hear the guy hark up spit and I see him hold it in his mouth...... Now seeing this confirms I am definitely leaving he continues to be irate and next thing you know his face is through the hole and there goes the spit at the clerk.... Yuck!! I leave in disgust and I also call the Police from my cell not sure if things got worse..... I didnt stick around to find out; but I ask this question Who was wrong????

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H'Rina said...

Obvious rule: do not shit on the hand that feeds you. The same goes for spitting, cussing out, tormenting, harassing and being an a**hole in general. I've been on the serving side too often to have much compassion for that fasco-consummerist adage that the customer is always right. In fact, the customer is often wrong and something about being served by another human being brings out a meglomania complex-- or in other words, the worst in people (see slavery for examples.)

Besides common courtesy and respect, and Do Unto Others, if its only spit in your food, than that's a mild, though appopriate reprisal.