Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mission Declutter

So last night I decided to start throwing out a lot of stuff I have collected over the years... De clutter, and keep things that I desperately wanted... I have always been a firm believer that negative energy can be stored in inanimate objects and things and sometimes you just need to get rid of it. A few months ago I met someone who told me to De clutter my life of people and of things and at the time it really did not mean anything to me, other than it was a great piece of advice. Well today it means a lot. There have been some recent events in my life to bring some people from one moment in my life back and for some odd reason could be my ego I thought it was because they just could not live life without me.... No the reason is a lot deeper these people were brought back so I can close these chapters and start a new book... I have been waiting and hoping that there would be some evidence of their reappearance having a constructive and meaningful purpose or impact on my life and NADA! So I had to deflate my ego and analyze the situation and the truth of the matter is that I have been harboring unhealthy relationships with several people and these connections need to be severed.. In totality there are 3 people I need to break ties with.. I have already started the process with 2 of them, 1 more to go....

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