Monday, April 14, 2008

This Past Weekend

So this past weekend was one of my close Friend's bday weekend. We spent it at Sofrito's an Upscale Spanish Restaurant in Midtown. Now as a new challenge I have posed for myself I did not wear jeans, Uggs or Sneakers, or a Tshirt. Instead I wore 3 inch heels, a black corset and white pants... Well I was too hot to trot. I am determined to be a lot more feminine in some regards and also just knowing how to dress the part.. In a lot of instances I choose comfort over fashion, or actual effort.. What can I say? Maybe I should have been a boy? Who the hell knows! All I do know is it was kinda cool to make some heads turn, I just have to learn to fight the urge of wanting to punch men in the face when they are trying to pick me up.. After all hitting a dude with a 3 inch heel in the eye is so unladylike!

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