Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mom or Woman??????????????

So today I participated in a focus group, and the basis of it was to determine whether advertisers should bother trying to advertise to Moms in Nontraditional Parenting/Mommyesque Magazines. I must admit it was a thought provoking question for me on so many levels. First Women of Color are only represented majorly in "Colored" magazines for example Essence, Oprah, Ebony etc. As a woman I don't particularly just read those magazines. In looking through them I got bombarded with HAIR Product ads, I don't have hair. It made me ask myself do Black Women really spend this much time and money on their hair? The models for the makeup ads were darker which is great since I'm a darker skinned woman but the models for clothing were usually lighter skinned. Why is that? The one ad that bothered me most was for Pine Sol it pictured a woman in a Black and White photo she looks like Angie Stone her hair and makeup were perfect but she is holding a bottle of Pine Sol. I can't remember what the slogan was but it got my attention. I know I am a very analytical thinker, I like to shred things apart. As a Single Young Mother @ only 32 years of age, who has varied interests why am I forced to choose what I connect with. If I want to learn about business and women in business I have to either buy a Business Magazine which is usually geared toward men and tailor it to fit my needs or buy a book written by a woman. If I pick up a Parent style Magazine a lot of the information does not pertain to me because my son is a lot older than the kids they write about, and there are not a lot of women of color or kids of color in these magazines so I don't connect. For style and Fashion there is not a magazine geared toward an active young mom. I am not a housewife never want to be. I am not consumed by my children to the point of no return or to the extent that I don't have a social life. I like to travel why is there not a magazine I can pick up with some great recommendations for MOMS WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL WITHOUT THE KIDS...??? Truth is people the TRADITIONAL MOM is phasing out. Women are a lot more stronger and empowered, their needs are different. No more is about Bridge Games, baking and Tupperware parties. Moms are more assertive, they are not sitting at home watching Oprah,and asking Calgon to take them away we like to have fun, we like being women! There needs to be a place that shows us in all aspects, moms of color, blended families, lesbian couples,adopted children,Single Moms by choice. No 2 moms are alike and that's great! I just think that society needs to understand that Women are Women first. Being a mother doesn't instantly make us a maid or a chauffeur,less sexy or less interested in things that may pertain to women without children. I think if advertisers really want to connect with MOMS they need to hold more groups like this and someone needs to create this magazine and staff it with a Plethora of Diverse MOMS. If you are reading this and decide to bring this idea to life.. DO IT! I just want a lifetime subscription and to be a guest writer once in a blue! I will be writing more on this topic, the wheels are definitely spinning.
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