Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phenomenal Women Series

So many times the things that come naturally to me seem to amaze others. For the longest time I used to wonder why? Then I actually sat down and thought about myself in the 3rd person and recanted all of the times I have been generous, gave money to charity,helped someone on a daily basis, been nice,thought about others before myself, or just being plain old crazy honest me! What I have realized is that I am "Phenomenal" as women sometimes we don't boast or brag about our accomplishments, because we are supposed to be nurturing and taking care the proverbial nest. Well guess what.. No more of that we need to share our ideas and stories, we need to uphold each other,encourage each other and PRAISE each other. So in all of my awesomeness I did not get here alone, and I also have realized I have surrounded myself with women just as phenomenal as me so this is my tribute to them. Over the next 10 weeks you will be introduced to 10 women who are doing some amazing things. The list includes a Nutritionist, A jewelry Designer, A rebellious and devoted humanitarian to name a few. The first interview will be posted this Monday and every Monday thereafter for the next few weeks All of these women share a special connection with me and I hope by the end of this project each other. Although they are all my friends not one of them knows the other which makes this piece so special and unique for me and I hope it will be special and connect with you as well. . .


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