Friday, May 1, 2009

5 Things Men Want Women to Know. . . .

1) They like to chase us.. so the more unavailable you are the more interested he will become.. Think about it.. if you were a hunter which would taste better the meat that you had to seek, stalk and prey or the one that walked up to you and drop dead at your feet? (sorry to all my vegans it was the best metaphor I could use)

2)They are not going to tell us their every thought and feeling so sometimes they will just agree or open up to shut you up.... Men are non verbal creatures everything they do is action based.. Women love to talk this is why we have girlfriends use them for this reason. Leave your man alone sometime when it cones to talking about every detail, it will frustrate him. If it is not a life decision, or financial decision talk to one of your girls or your mom..

3)They like when you take control intimately... Don't always leave it up to him. Once in a while make him your b*iatch have him wash some dishes, and cook dinner and then reward him as only a true woman could. He will adore you and maybe clean up once in a while.

4)Its not the shopping they hate.. They hate watching you try on outfits,they hate being asked if you look fat,they hate being asked Fuchsia or Pale Pink,they hate being asked why do you look so upset? we have only been here 3 hours don't you care? etc... get my point.. If you know you are going shopping for something and you don't have the type of guy that enjoys shopping why torture him? Take one of your girlfriends, have him meet one of his friends or stay home, or go to Best Buy or something and you meet for dinner and when you get home try on the outfits you bought and surprise him with an unexpected one.......

5)It hurts them when we don't listen... this is where you have to do some adjusting. You are not listening with your ears but with your eyes, and you heart. How does he make you feel?,what are some of the little things he does for you?,what are some of the actions he puts forth to prove his love for you...Pay attention, Learn them, appreciate them and reciprocate.

Love Freely,

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Kimberly:Stripxpert said...

They like it when you grab them by he back of their head and say, "You ready for me to f#@* you?" ...oh my..did I just say that? Haha, no seriously agree with you you said here. Good stuff.