Monday, May 11, 2009

Everybody has a Story. . . .

I am sitting in Starbucks trying to get some work done.. Seated across from were 2 recovering drug addicts who just came from a treatment program. During the course of them having their Frappucino's I could not help but Eavesdrop. Sometimes I wonder am I the only one who sees these things.. Anyway they have just hooked up the man has told her he has a girlfriend but he likes her and wants to be with her. He even went so far as to store her number under "baby doll" in his phone..After they exchange information she tells him that her husband died in Rikers Island,he committed suicide and then she proceeds to burst into tears and sobs. Before this episode they were making out which I must say made my stomach hurt a little bit. Anyway he consoled her and told her he would never hurt her and they walked off to the subway.. While sitting here digesting this on absolutely no caffeine whatsoever an adorable guy walks past me to go to the restroom.. Um! The thoughts I had, and I couldn't wait to have them again when he walked by for the 2ND time. Somehow it all came to an abrupt end when he came out to his awaiting boyfriend!

The Empress

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