Monday, May 11, 2009

5 Tips to be a Cost Conscious Fashionista. . .

For example this dress retails for $120 and I paid $15

So although I am not a huge shopper, more than anything I don't like the process and lines or customer service people I do like clothes. I have been known to snag some pretty great deals and outfits and pull them off and have people thinking I paid a lot more than I did. The secret is to Accessorize and always have a great attitude! Here are a few tips to help you along the way

1) Never Pay Retail- There is no reason for it! Most stores are surviving on sales now so you can get a great deal! Make sure to also check out Consignment Shops, Discount Stores like Jacks 99 cent Store. You can find great Tank Tops and T-shirts here Super Cheap! Clothing Swaps, If you have a friend the same size go through each other's closets and trade clothes,Ebay is a great source,as well as Craigslist if you have the time and know exactly what it is you are looking for. Also shop off season like right now Summer is coming so it would be a great time to stock up on Winter Items.

2)Learn To Sew- This is a great way to transform old Jeans into Purses or to adorn old Tank tops with different fabrics,and embellishments.

3) Shop out of Your Comfort Zone- If you live in Brooklyn venture to the Bronx, Or the Lower East Side of Manhattan you will be surprised at what you find and how cheap you can find it. You just have to look!

4)Learn how to be Creative- I have jeans, t-shirts, tanks and other items that I have painted or Reconstructed in some way so I still get use out of them and they look different. Also if you have the time to scout out up and coming designers find out if they need fit models or people to help them market their designs. This can be a great way to snag some free clothing or a nice discount.

5)Be a personal shopper or host a shopping party for friends
- How many times have you seen something on sale but its not in your size so you leave it in the store? Well maybe one of your friends could have worn it but now its gone because you left the store. Lets say you pick up a few dresses, shoes and tops all of which may have cost you about $75 total. Make some drinks and invite your girlfriends over and sell to them! Accessories are the easiest to start out with like Jewelry or Purses because you can get them Wholesale and make a profit and buy what you want or reinvest and host another party!


dye said...

OMG!!!!!! Can we go shopping together, pleaseeee T =/ I just spent $20 bucks on some tights =/

Loved this Bolg! Two Thumbs up!!


The Empress of Eccentricity said...

Yes we can.. Let me know when you are free.. Make sure to spread the word and subscribe!