Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Recap.....

So I took the weekend off from blogging to catch up with some Friends and celebrate mothers day. Friday night me and a friend went out to a spot called Opals in Midtown and although I don't hang in Midtown very much I will check this place out again. Music was decent and drinks were 2 for 1. We were supposed to go to a movie but instead we ended up @ Pianos which is becoming my new favorite spot on Fridays for dancing. Saturday was my godson's birthday party he turned 6 years old. It was a Bowling Party. I had a good time but sometimes I really wonder about adults.. (this will be a separate post). Later that evening I went to a friend BBQ in Brooklyn which I ended up arriving late,got lost, in my bewilderment i asked for directions and a girl told me which way to go. So I get on the C train and so does she. She asks me do I know anything about Manhattan I say yes. She asks how does she get to 77Th and Amsterdam I tell her that the 2 train is the best bet because its running local so take it to 79th and walk 2 blocks down and 1 avenue over. She says Thanks! I say where are you hanging out over there? Thinking she was going to say a friends house or maybe a bar she informs me that she is stripper and has a "party" over there and even goes so far as to invite me, and tells me I would enjoy myself.! I giggle and graciously decline. I get to my stop and I am lost. I eventually find my way, pretty much say Hello to the friend and I'm back on the train. Its only 930 so I decide to head into Manhattan. I get off at W 4th street and treat myself to some Falafel. I end the night @ Groove checking out some music. Yesterday I slept in a little late and then me and Jalan went to the movies to see Wolverine, and we bought my Grandmother some flowers. It was a great weekend. Now back to work and to reveal my next Phenomenal Woman!

The Empress

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