Wednesday, May 20, 2009

STanding Up for A Sit Down on the Subway

This morning me and Jalan are in the 4 train headed to school. In the mornings we usually always get a seat since we are pretty close to the end of the line but coming downtown in the mornings there is always an issue at 161st Yankee Stadium station usually every morning I hear people yelling or complaining or pushing people in so they can fit in the train I sit and revel at the fact that its not me. Well this morning me and J weren't so lucky. I am sitting at the end of the seat and he is next to me the train is packed. The dreaded station arrives and the doors open. There is no room for even a small child to sit between Jalan and the pole. I don't know who designed those seats in the new cars but anyway this woman gets on and tells him to move, I say to her nicely that she can't and won't fit. I don't know if she was just dumb or had no idea of her size but she proceeds to sit down anyway. Now I don't know how crazy people think I am but when it comes to my son I am a MANIAC. She sits down and is on his lap.. I say "Sweetie you don't fit there" when I say sweetie its a diversion for the ass kicking I am about to unleash. Before I could go any further a man standing up next to me stepped in and let her have everything I could have verbally thrusted upon her in my defense! She gets up in a huff and starts to curse @ me and again I am getting ready to let her have it and he goes in again! I had to say Thank You to him because obviously had he not I would have been making my 1 phone call right now. I have never been the type of woman to "rely on the kindness of strangers" but I certainly am now a Thankful one!

The Empress

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