Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

So I went to a wedding yesterday which was beautiful but just way too long for my attention span. After 10pm I started getting a little antsy but it was Beautiful nonetheless. I missed my friends birthday party I was wiped out and it started to rain. So I just went home and went to bed. Today I am chilling in Brooklyn. I walked the neighborhood of BoCoCa met a really cute guy that worked at this coffee shop/skateboard shop and me and Jalan had a snack,. We are chilling now at the Starbucks before getting back on the train to head to the Bronx. I have always wanted to live in Brooklyn so I need to work on making this a reality. Tonight I am working on the edits for the next Phenomenal Woman! Make sure to check it out tomorrow! Also stay tuned for the first Recessionista Party/Sale coming in June! For all you Family Guy fans Eminem will be on tonight's episode.!

The Empress

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