Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5th Phenomenal Woman- H'Rina DeTroy Journalist

What is your name and where are you from?
H'Rina DeTroy, from New England, lived abroad and on the west coast for a minute. But if any place qualifies as what I would call home is where I am now. Brooklyn.

What is your Phenomenal talent?
Getting lost in music, dancing and writing. And making it seem like talent.

What is your mission?
I could've been on the streets on Saigon. But my mother fled Vietnam and I was born American. I'm working towards a degree in talking to people and telling their stories through words, pictures and sound. Can't complain. My mission is to make people heard who rarely get the chance.

What do you believe in Most?
Love surpasses all. Have faith. Don't be afraid to live and make mistakes. Mistakes mean you have something behind you and you can build up from it.

What has made you most humble?
My mother's struggle.

What is one moment in time if you could change without anyone knowing you would change?
Not sure, but I would love to have been there to tell a few people to beware. Perhaps they would still be alive today.

Who are you most proud of?
My little sisters. I have three of them and they're smart, beautiful and awesome.

What is next for H'rina DeTroy?
You might find me running around with a pad and pencil, camera or recorder, probing someone with questions ranging from generic, to completely absurd, to very personal.

Where can we learn more about you?
Hanging out with Taneesha! A website is forthcoming, someday. But until then, joining in on a Taneesha night is the best bet and tons more fun than a website. Gauranteed.

One memory you have that has and will last the rest of your lifetime?
The smell of rice wine in the tropical heat. Dancing, not in a particular moment the many where the memory is physical sensation that arrests me, waking or dreaming, standing or sitting. Kind of like vertigo.

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