Friday, July 24, 2009

Breakfast In Bed

Here is the poem I read last night. . .

The Empress

The smell of the Ocean

The brightness of the morning sun rising over the trees

I watch you sleep



Barely breathing it seems


Your face is a picture in my mind

You are going to wake soon

I’m going to serve you Breakfast In Bed

A Plate of Milk Chocolate Morsels

A handful of sweet juicy black berries

And molasses. .

Can’t forget the Molasses

Your eyes open hungrily and I let you know Breakfast Is Ready

Surprised and Excited

You work your way around the plate taking your time

Savoring every morsel

Tasting every drop of juice

Licking Molasses from your fingers

I giggle. I love to watch you enjoy and savor

All done ! you say

I use a lavender silk handkerchief to wipe your mouth

And you give me a Sweet Kiss thanking me for the meal.

Exhausted and Fulfilled

Sticky and Sweet……….We lay in each other’s arms until we are fast asleep!

Dreaming away the moments until the Sun rises again

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