Monday, July 27, 2009

Facebook Hiatus. . . .

I have decided to take a break from Facebook for a couple of weeks.mainly because it has become a habit. I find myself forced to check it every day so consistently that by my standards it has become an addiction. I already have an addictive personality so when things like this happen I have to break the habit and create a new normal for myself. Granted there are worst things I could be addicted to Drugs, Alcohol, Pills, Sex (OK that one may not be so bad)Ha! In any case anytime I become too dependent on something it needs to be adjusted. I also want to focus more on my writing and putting myself out there as an artist. For the most part most of my friends on Facebook I am in contact with on a constant whether its through Facebook, the phone or just hanging out.With that being said now begins my break, my blog is fed through Facebook and will show up on my profile as new Notes.

Happy Reading,
The Empress

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