Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dismissing a Dick Head . . . .

So every once in a while I meet a guy that makes me scratch my head and wonder what planet he's from. It has been a while since that has happened, for the most part the guys have been kicking it with have been cool. Except for this one as with anything else we met randomly and he struck up a conversation with me. For the entire 3 minutes we spoke he seemed cool.. I know I know.. Physically I was attracted to him, there was something about him that just made me feel warm and fuzzy. We parted ways and he told me he would call me so we could possibly meet for dinner in the future. No problem I said.. A few days pass and he texts and calls me just saying Whats up and asking how my day is going. We speak on the phone and he asks could we meet for dinner during the week. I tell him which day I am free, he says he will call back and let me know if he would be free that day also. OK sounds good.. He calls back later on to tell me he checked his schedule and he will be free, he even goes so far as to say we should meet a little later on so he can have time to go home shower and change. Nice I thought to myself. So many guys forget to dress for a date, they show up uber casual or just figure jeans and a tshirt will be OK. I had one guy come straight from work Sweaty and wearing sweatpants!! So the fact that he stated this made me think OK, he's gotta sense of how this should work. So we meet and hang out. We have Sushi, he knows how and what to order, can properly use chopsticks, very knowledgeable about wine and sake, speaks fluent Japanese and lives there a few months out of the year. All of these things interesting and intriguing so I think. So we start to talk about past relationships and our lives, he's 40 divorced has a daughter that's 19. No worries there for me yet. So I go through my whole spiel of my life blah blah blah. So here is where it starts to get interesting. Now apparently he is from Long Island is Spanish and Italian. Anyone who knows me knows that race is unimportant to me, but he felt the need to let me know he could "flip it". I can't lie I had to ask a friend what Flip It meant because I was clueless. So he proceeds to inform me that he thinks I'm gorgeous, a nice person, I have style so far these are all true things so no complaints. Then he adds to it "and you're black". Hmm.. What does that mean? I was black when you met me. I have a habit of letting people talk, sometimes when you question things too soon it gives them an opportunity to alter what they really want to say. In lamens terms "Let the fool talk". Which is what I did and what a fool he is! He proceeded to break down why he prefers Black Women over any other race which in itself was not only offensive, racist,ignorant but just downright disgusting. He goes on to tell several racist jokes against black people and tells me I will make fun of anybody I don't discriminate. OK so now we get back to me being black he says he likes me because I speak properly, I'm not ghetto and he likes the way I dress.. OK.. and I have a "Black Girl's Ass" so its all good! The fool now says its like having a Black and White girl together.. OK now I'm getting annoyed. He now tells me that he is the man I have been looking for, the one who will take care of me, and control me! HA! Hold the phone.. Dude are you serious I say? and hes like yea. This is what you need. In my head what I need is a bat so I could take it to your knees. So apparently this man-child thinks that I am not only a fetish, but in need of some sort of asshole to control me. Not sure how he drew that conclusion. So now a few days have passed and I have been thinking of how to inform this human being that he is a jerk and needs some help. I thought about taking the nice adult approach until he called me the other day to say hello and before hanging up the phone said that I am going to be his sex slave so I need to just go with it.. yea OK.. oh and the best part of all of this is that he claims he wants an Open Relationship. I have been in very unconventional relationships and to a certain degree that chapter of my life is closed but this is a whole new level of crazy. So I am hoping this will be the only asshole I have to deal with this summer or better yet not deal with. All in all it has been a great and memorable summer so far and for the select few that have made that possible.

It continues. . .. .

The Empress

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