Monday, July 20, 2009

Quality over Quantity Rant. . . .

After a while too much of anything can be bad for you. We see proof everyday with Celebrities and the Economy. Those who were once on top of the world or so they thought have taken a dramatic and drastic turn for the worse. Like the song says Money can't buy you love or happiness for that matter. You have to be happy with yourself and like yourself before you can make someone else happy. So many times people always talk about how they are looking for a better half? Last time I checked we were all born whole. So I want another whole person who is happy with themselves. Don't get me wrong if Lenny Kravitz or Robert Downey Jr. came knocking at my door I wouldn't turn them away I would love to see how the other half lives but I know in order for me to be happy with someone there has to be some sparks, chemistry,intellectual stimulation.. you get the point. Also as liberated and freedom fighting as I tend to be, I like a man that can provide and wants to provide. Before you label me as a gold-digger hear me out. Its the natural order of things women are the gathers and men are the hunters. The reason for so many issues between men and women now is because we can be equal to a man or even more successful than some men but deep down there is a part of us that still wants the Hunter. I want to know that I am with someone who can protect me, although I know I can kick some ass myself. I want to know that if I am having a rough time I can go to this person and he has my back all around. There are some decisions I don't want to make and take comfort in the fact that I don't have to. I have gone through my own challenges with men because for a while I was letting the Quantity of things override the Quality. Although I like nice things I am in no way a "pampered self obsessed princess". I will agree with some in saying that I am spoiled to a degree. What can I say? I'm an only child. But even that was rough because I didn't always get my way. With all that being said in a nutshell I want a quality Man because he is getting a Quality woman. And that goes for everyone.. if you know you are a quality person don't settle for Quantity.. Because too much of anything except for love and happiness will make you sick!

Peace and Love,
The Empress

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