Monday, June 8, 2009

The Weekend

My weekend was pretty chill and fun. Friday night it was rainy and I was too wiped out to go out so I dropped Jalan off @ his sleepover and just went home and slept. I spent Saturday in Williamsburg. I went to the Renegade Craft Fair @ McCarren to cheer on my friend Kim. If you don't know check out my 1st Phenomenal Woman! Her booth looked amazing! It was so Serene and Chill..I guess like woman like booth?. Afterwards me and my friend headed to Charleston Bar and had some beers and pizza this place is cool for every drink you buy you get a small mini pie. It was cool to just hang and have some girl chat and relax! We walked around BK for a bit, we were approached by a guy who apparently was giving away free hugs to all the pretty ladies. . .We declined his offer. . I wonder if that line ever works? We hop back on the L and go into Union Square and by this time after we walk around for a bit I need some coffee, so we head to MUD for Dessert,Coffee and more Girl Talk! Who knew women could talk so much? Eh! We headed over to St. Marks were I was released into the custody of a certain someone and we enjoyed dinner at Candela Candela, eating outside sipping mojitos and watching drunk people fall out of the bar next door.. Ahh NYC in the Summer I love it! Yesterday was pretty chill Coffee, Good Company and laughs! and might I add a great Playoff Game! Although the Magic loss they gave LA a run for their money! I can't wait till tomorrow!

The Empress

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